Designer / Arashi Yanagawa

Founder Arashi Yanagawa did not train as a fashion designer, instead beginning his career as a professional boxer before a love of design led him to found his brand in 2003.
Named after the 20th century American heavyweight champion, John Lawrence Sullivan pays homage to a man who embodied traits of strength, personality, and dignity—and who never shied away from a challenge.
With a magnetic masculinity at its centre, the brand is today known for its innovation, for taking traditions and reimagining them anew, mixing heritage fabrics with subcultural inspirations.
Based in Tokyo and with three standalone stores in Japan and over 60 worldwide stockists, today marks the fourth time John Lawrence Sullivan has shown on the London menswear schedule.

2003年「JOHN LAWRENCE SULLIVAN」を設立し、テーラードを軸としたメンズウェアを展開。

2007年 SS - 2010年 AW 東京コレクション参加
2008年 旗艦店を中目黒にオープン
2010年 SSよりWOMEN'Sラインスタート
2011年 AW - 2014年 AW パリコレクション参加
2017年 AWよりロンドンコレクション参加